Samsung Galaxy S8 Releasing date leaked: Expected to launch in April

Samsung Galaxy S8 Teaser

With official announcement is still to wait, the buzz here is that Samsung is soon going to announce the releasing date of its much-awaited model Galaxy S8. If sources are to be believed, April 18 will be the releasing date of this most controversial smartphone.

This is much awaited as Samsung has left no stone unturned to make it a super smartphone. The phone will be equipped with a technology called Beast mode that will enhance the speed and performance of the mobile phone.

The launching date of Samsung got delayed due to the need of some design changes. Industry insiders have leaked that with this new model Samsung is thinking of removing the home button. A Home button is present in all sets of Samsung but like Google Pixel this will be replaced by a full-screen display.

These new models will be having wrapped around displays and it will mark a new change to the design feature of Samsung Galaxy variants as all current devices are on a verge of getting ‘edge’ technology.

The facts flooded the websites after a Chinese blog revealed a leaked image, which was believed to be the Galaxy S8 set. Only the front side picture was revealed that showed a golden colour phone with a curved end-to-end display. No home button was present. If the picture is believed to be true then the fingerprint scanner is either present on the back side or has been embedded under the glass.

Experts are citing the probability of phone being in full-screen mode which can be accessed manually. This can be due to the end-to-end design. Some even leaking the news that Samsung is going to unveil the phone at the Mobile World Congress- The largest exhibition organised by GSMA in Spain each year.

After the strong fiasco that company faced with its Galaxy note 7 variants, Samsung is running a double quality check on S8, which might have been one of the another strong reason at its late arrival. To ensure the customers about its quality, Samsung is marketing heavily this device quoting ‘the most vigorously tested smartphone in Samsung history’.

Last year saw a huge disaster of Galaxy Note 7 models with complaints came on battery failures and fires. After the report showed 100+ fire cases in U.S. alone, complete official recall of all models was announced by Samsung along with U.S. consumer product safety commission (CPSC) from all regions such as Canada, Europe, Asia including U.S.

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