Samsung starts production of 10nm Chip, to be featured in Galaxy S8

Samsung has begun mass-producing processors using the 10nm process that involves amplified performance and decreased power consumption, among a host of refinements. The Galaxy S8 is rumored to be the first to come with the chips in early 2017.

The high waves of rumours and buzzes for processor or system chip have centred on the upcoming 10nm chip, powered by Samsung which is heading towards the way next year. Enriched with higher clock speeds, energy efficient and new GPU advancements, 10nm Chips of Samsung is expected to bring a new revolution in the realm of the smartphone. In an official event, Samsung publicised the reports of producing 10nm chips that are said to introduce under Galaxy S8’s Hood.

As announced by Samsung, the company has accomplished the innovation of 10nm Chip and has started the mass production of this all-new system chip, which will be seen in the upcoming S8 models. The Korean Giant has designed this new system chip using 10-nanometre technology, and for this, it is claimed to be the first one to build up system chips using this advanced technology.

The 10nm procedure integrated with an advanced 3D transistor structure, close by changes in both outline enablement and process innovation that are steps higher contrasted with the 14nm system. With the introduction of 10nm chips, the industry of smartphone is expected to experience a significant hike by 27% in terms of performance, and a 40% drop off in power consumption. As reported by Business Wire, the all-new sophisticated 10nm System Chip will make the smartphone makers think higher and bring better in the existing technology.

Jong Shik Yoon, the VP of Samsung Electronics, while publicising the report said “the pattern of cutting edge framework chips and the processor is boosting up with speedier pace, and the market is requesting considerably more. Initiating the first-ever large-scale manufacturing of 10nm FinFET innovation chips, we have represented the leadership skill of Samsung in superior process technology and with its launch; we are aimed to be an unparalleled leader of the smart world.”

Samsung hasn’t yet specified any particular date for the launch of this ultra-modern System Chip and so to make a decision on which device will use the 10nm chips is quite complicated and mystifying, but it is official that, Samsung will launch this advanced System Chip early next year. It’s also expected to hit the market with the yet-to-be-announced Samsung Galaxy S8, which is Samsung’s next flagship device after the launch of Galaxy S7.

In the published teaser, Samsung has mentioned a tagline which reads “early next year” and this timestamp proves that Samsung is going to dispatch this Chip with its ‘Galaxy S’ lineup in the first quarter of the year, while with the upcoming ‘Note’ flagship, it will punch the market in the second half of the same year. However, there are no official announcements yet found, and Samsung is found to follow a mysterious silence over the launch of the next gadget of its ‘Galaxy S’ Flagship.

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