Samsung resistant to steal the Apple notch has already cloned the iPhone X

As the current year is proceeding, we see many Android phone companies copying the designs of the iPhone X of Apple. However, there is one Android company which has yet not produced a clone of the iPhone X of Apple, and that is Samsung.

Apple always takes ideas from the Android phones as far as the software features are concerned. Apple has implemented many Android software attributes in it iPhones. The game turned the other way round the Android companies also tend to steal the physical designs of Apple’s iPhones. There are many shreds of evidence that show as to how the Android companies have designed clones of the iPhone X of Apple in the current year.

Nevertheless, Samsung has not yet released a model having the notch of the iPhone X of Apple. Even there are no reports until now that speak of any upcoming model of Samsung featuring the iPhone X notch. However, the original “Infinity display design” of Samsung on its phones is too brilliant than a cloned notch.

Having said this, a recent leak has proved that in terms of some other aspects, Samsung is cloning the iPhone X of Apple. It is already known that earlier all the flagship phones of Samsung featured the back camera positioned at the top center. That was the original camera design of the company. However, a new leak of an upcoming smartphone of the company known as Galaxy A9 Star shows the back camera to have been located vertically towards the edge of the phone just like the iPhone X of Apple.

The new Galaxy A9 Star Lite and Galaxy A9 Star of Samsung most expectedly would be launched in the upcoming weeks. As per the reports, the phones would remain confined to certain markets only like that of China. The phones would not be released widely and would reportedly not be sold in the markets of the United States. As per the data, Samsung would be paying even more than five hundred million dollars to Apple as compensation for cloning its iPad and iPhone.

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