Samsung projects regenerating revenue on China’s memory chip


The improved performance of Samsung is evidently showing its grand return to the market after Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smart phones.

The Korean Electronics company, Samsung Electronics Co. emphasized on the flexibility of its business after it recently reported the best operating profit in the last three years. After the sudden death of its newly launched Galaxy Note 7 with the help of its workmanlike chip of China and display divisions and cheaper smart phones, Samsung was almost on the verge of ruling out of the market.

Samsung is finally coming out from its biggest corporate crisis of the year. The negetive reports of combustible Galaxy Note 7 somehow forced the biggest Korean mobile company to destroy its most profitable gadget. The company still hasn’t exposed the results of a ensuing investigation on Galaxy Note 7, which episodely has cost Samsung more than 6 billion US dollars. The fall out assured Apple Inc. to take a lead in premium devices over the winter holidays. Samsung is now counting on its next hi-tech smart phone to repair its reputation and bring its name back to the market.

The world’s largest Smartphone maker, Samsung posted a 50 percent rush in its quarterly functioning revenue after the demand from Chinese smartphone brands pushed the prices of the memory chip. It floated the memory unit that creates organic light-emitting diode screens. Recently Samsung also went down its older phone line-up with new colours and features, helping to surge it over in the Galaxy Note 7 absence.

According to Lee Seoung-woo, a business Analyst from Seoul “Despite the Note 7’s vacuum, Samsung acquitted itself well on the back of sound S7 sales. After a softer landing in the first quarter, the company is on track for record June quarter profit of this year with the new S8 coming to market.”

The overall shares of Samsung surged 43 percent in 2016, declining a three-year losing line. Quite a big setback for the company. Samsung settle its most sectional sales in U.S. dollars, but it did got a lift from a weaker Korean won. “The U.S. dollar climbed up to 1,157.4 on average in the fourth quarter compared with 1,121.4 successes in the previous three months,” says the Bank of Korea data and statistics.

Right now the company is totally counting on its next big launch of Galaxy S lined up this year. It is expected to fire up a struggling mobile division of the market. The next launches of the smart phone lined up by the company is expected to feature a ‘bezel-less display’ and ‘voice-enabled digital assistant’. These features adds up to the preexisting features of the Smartphone lines. But the company has also warned the growth uncertainty that can be caused due to currency fluctuation.

As reported by the company itself, the sales climbed up to 53 trillion in one-quarter and the analysis says it was 51.2 trillion. However, it can be expected that this year can be a profitable year for the company with its new scheme to regenerate revenue on China’s memory chip.

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