Samsung Group launches portable SSD T1 drive

Samsung Group launches portable SSD T1 drive

Samsung Group has launched a portable hard drive boasting a storage space of one terabyte. Coming in a minuscule form factor, the drive is composed of ultra fast SSDs that can read and write up to 450 MB per second. This portable SSD drive from the South Korean smartphone giant is probably the first of its kind.

Talking about the specifications, the drive boasts SSD (Solid State Drive) cells that store up to one terabyte of data, it comes in a very small package having the dimensions of 71x53mm, it is only 9mm thick and weighs just under 50 grams.

The portable SS T1 comes in a variety of storage option including, 250GB, 500GB and 1TB and the company has used 3D V-NAND memory for high transfer rates up to 450 MB/s. The speed is almost seven to eight times more than the traditional hard drive with spinning platters.

Samsung is starting this drive from $179.99 (~ 11,000 INR) which goes all the way up to $599.99 ( ~36,000 INR). The company is giving you the 250GB version for $179.99, 500GB for $299.99 and 1TB for $599.99. Samsung is expected to launch this drive by the end of January in Asia, US and European markets.

SSD improves the overall performance of a computer, and due to the high-speed read and write speeds, copying and moving files can be done in almost half the time of a traditional hard drive. They are shock proof and operate very well in most of the conditions, however, there is a downside too. If SSDs were not taken care of, then there are possible chances that they will wear out very soon. The read and write speeds may fall to a significant value, and SSD might just become useless.

The functionality of an SSD is somewhat different from the spinning HDDs. There is a controller that instructs the drive to write into the cells, however, is unable to see what data has been deleted. It’s always best to never fill an SSD drive to its neck.

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