Samsung Grand Duos Catches Fire: Watch Video

samsung galaxy grand duos explode

The South Korean giant is in trouble again as Samsung’s Grand Duos mobile phone exploded in a man’s pocket. The tragedy happened with a man at a hotel in Indonesia.

After so many attempts from the company to keep the controversies far away from its devices, the disaster seems to keep on haunting Samsung ultimately, as, last year, a number of instances of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone bursting into fire have been registered. And the latest case of fire catch by Grand Duos which is found to be completely busted into the fire.

The explosion came to light when a video of the incident which was uploaded to YouTube on October 3. As shown in the video, a man was standing and looking at something and suddenly his phone exploded with blue and white light. The phone was in the front pocket of the shirt. During the incident, the man lay down on the floor and removed his shirt.

Luckily there was not any major injury but his left side of the face was injured because of the explosion, and it was clearly visible in the video. The man found checking his left side of the face.

October last year, Elisha Loewen, a user of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has put the device in charge, and it suddenly burst into fire automatically. To the confirmed source, the user had put the phone in the charge with the original Samsung Charger overnight, and suddenly it caught up the fire.

The company was in huge controversies last year when its premium Galaxy Note 7 has been identified with issues like warmth, defective battery, and potentials of cell blast. To vanquish such concerns, the manufacturer recalled all the dispatched models of Note 7 worldwide for replacements and refunds to maintain its position in the market.

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