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Samsung gears up to roll out Android Nougat update for its flagship handsets Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung with its latest flagship Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge is overcoming Apple

Contributing to the Nougat season of Android, the smartphone giant Samsung is also gearing up to roll out the update for its flagship Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones. The update is currently in beta phase and ready to release in January.

It is still unclear that whether the carrier variant or the unlocked models will get the update first, but a report published on GSMArena noted that Vodafone Australia has updated their website to reflect that the update is under testing.

Leaks and Evidence

The details for the same are fetched by the handset’s support document circulated around Samsung’s regional websites. The manual consists of the Galaxy S7 [PDF] and Galaxy S7 edge [PDF] suggest changes in TouchWiz user interface. It shows screenshots of the documents which suggest insights about Samsung’s forthcoming Nougat update.

nougat Samsung

The best example of a great interface is its notification drawer. Dropping the dominant green colour of previous TouchWiz icons, the company has made the interface more falt. Hence, it seems that the Nougat update in Samsung will offer a stock experience to the users.

The screenshot also shows native apps such as Messaging App echo qith almost identical design. And suggests almost white interface which hints of two other hues subtly integrated with the colour scheme.

Camera, Lock Screen

The company has made significant changes were with its camera app. It has got more polished, more refined in terms of looks, and more features like viewfinder and ability to lock focus and exposure.

As it is obvious that being the Android Phone giant, Samsung will introduce its own proprietary features that are absent in the stock Nougat version. And the exclusivity will be seen on the lock screen of the next OS. The company has also ported the actionable notifications feature which was earlier integrated with the Galaxy Note 7.

Story Timeline

It is also not confirmed that which version of the Nougat will be rolled out for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, however, the speculations suggested that the company will skip Android 7.0 and jump to version 7.1. As the company is testing the software, the company is yet to state that when the update will be rolled out to the end user.

Benefits of upgrading to Nougat

The new OS for Samsung phones will be backed by an improved battery-saving mode alongside the options of upgraded notifications, tweaked Doze, multi-window, and in-line replies.

Android 7.0 Nougat’s pleasant new features include Multi-window, Quick Switch (switch to the previous app using the multitasking button), and VR support/ Daydream (for more powerful VR experience).

Additional notable features include beyond what Android 7.0 Nougat brings new mojos, enhanced file browser, clear all, current apps, push notifications, Google Assistant enhanced Java 8 language support, smooth updates, and data saver, direct reply notifications,  additional power competence.

When users will start receiving the Nougat update, the company advises them to download and install it when the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network and only if the cell-Phone has more than 50% percent charge. If a customer has got a notification message for the update, they should then choose “Yes, I’m in”, and once the update is downloaded, click on Install Now. Those who haven’t get a message should go to Settings > About Phone > System updates, and then if an update is available, follow the above process.

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