Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge features revealed in a NEW LEAK

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge LEAK

NO matter what anybody has to say about those, but we think leaks about the devices and gadgets yet to be launched are fantastic. They are all the more enticing when the gadget involved in one of the most awaited smartphones of the year 2017. Yes! We are not talking about anything other than the Samsung S8 edge. While it is set to be officially unveiled on 29th March 2017 at the MCW tradeshow, Barcelona.

Right before its release date in the UK, a leak gave away some of the insight to what would be in the box. As per the rumours and the leaks surrounding the new Galaxy S8 edge, one thing is pretty clear that the handset WILL NOT be cheap. Information suggests that it would see some massive changes regarding its design and look as Samsung has finally graduated to adopting the bezel-less, edge to edge look thereby enhancing the screen-to-body ratio of the smartphone.

The leaks suggest that the Galaxy S8 Edge would sport a gigantic 6.2-inch QHD AMOLED display panel and would not have a single physical button on the front, thanks to the bezel-less design. Features such as fingerprint scanner etc. would be a part of it and would be located on the rear side of the device. Even the pre-release teasers suggest that the on-screen software buttons would be the new look in town. Coming to the technical capabilities, Galaxy S8 would have an Android Nougat 7.0 OS and a 12 MP resolution rear, and 8 MP front cameras would be the cherry on top. Needless to say, but the device would surely house the latest Snapdragon 835 chipset, water resistant design and an iris scanner.

Now what IS interesting out of all of this leaked information is the ClearForce touchscreen display technology that would be used in this device. This technology would enable the handset to measure the varying magnitude of pressure being applied to its display panel. And this very element in the entire spec sheet would make Samsung the first smartphone maker to incorporate this technology.

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