Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 alleged to drain battery faster after installing Oculus app

Samsung Galaxy Note S7 Edge

Samsung, the Korean smartphone multinational has always been the king of the tech world. With its leveraging items, high-end smartphones, and cutting-edge designs, the tech company has maintained an influential glory. But since past couple of months, the company seems to be dragged more into the edge of trouble and encountering harsh controversies in this season. While the possibilities of battery blasting made the company’s mobiles banned in commercial flights, again its recently launched smartphones like Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 are alleged to consume more battery in less time.

As reported by the users of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7, both gadgets are draining battery rapidly after upgrading latest Oculus app, creating backup trouble for several users. Apart from S6 and S7, the users of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge also alleged the models for creating power backup issues, after installing the update. In Oculus and Reddit forums, hundreds of users have posted their reports and comments about the faster battery draining issue, making the Korean company seriously consider about the fixing arrangements.

The users also claimed that the battery consumption issues also revamped automatically, once the Oculus app uninstalled from the mobile. Samsung users claim that their battery drains quickly as the Oculus app continues to run in the background continuously and put the strain on the smartphone’s CPU. On the Oculus forum, users claim that almost one percent battery drained every 30 seconds from their smartphones, because of the update.

In the forums, the users of Samsung claimed that their battery depletes rapidly as the Oculus app keeps running in the background, giving more stress to the CPU of the mobiles. According to several users, Oculus app is kept on emptying 1% battery only within one second and the upgrade. To recall, Oculus application is an ‘absolutely must-having app’ which is needed to adjoin the Samsung mobiles with Gear VR headset. Some Samsung users also reported that their mobiles declined to take full charge, even after keeping it on charge over night. Apart from these issues, some users also claimed about the overheating of phones while on charge and the TouchWiz UI to go crooked in some cases.

But according to some user posts found on Reddit, the issue automatically resolves quickly after uninstalling Oculus app from the phone. All the issues including battery overheating, charging scarcity, and battery drain vanish after kicking out the app from the mobiles. Though it is not a permanent solution to deal with such serious issues, Samsung is gearing up to make a fix release for all its shipped handsets from the line-up of Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S7 Edge.

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