Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion mystery solved, Malfunctioned battery might be the root cause

Galaxy Note 7

A detailed investigation into the matter regarding the fire explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 model has surfaced a new truth now. According to industry insiders, it is the malfunctioning of the battery that has triggered the fire. The complete investigation report was announced on January 23 by the parent company.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 models failed on biggest safety aspect when incidents of the Smartphone catching fire came around globally in September of last year. The company recalled all the models around the world and set an investigation into the matter. It also marked an immediate pause on the further production and selling of Galaxy Note 7 models.

Though nothing has been published officially, a member close to the investigation told on Monday that the problem was there in the battery. Samsung earlier recalled 2.5 millions of Galaxy Note 7 models in September, all having a common cause of catching fire.

The company told that the problem was at the manufacturing site of Samsung SDI Co Ltd. It later marketed the phone claiming to be safe. They caught fire too eventually and that led this Korean manufacturing company to permanently shut down the project of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The aftermath caused 6.1 trillion loss that company has profited through this model.

A source close to the manufacturer has confirmed that the team has been able to trace the root of the problem and it confirms the problem is from battery side. Samsung told that it has showcased the investigation reports on January 23.

While, Samsung on January 24 announced the detail earning of its fourth quarter. Looking at the growing price of chips and increase in demand for smartphones, it is expected that all Samsung models may experience a price hike in the current year.

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