Samsung files case against Huawei: Report

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Korean-Smartphone maker Samsung Electronics Co. before two weeks filed a case against China’s leading Smartphone manufacturer Huawei Technologies Co. in multiple courts of China. This sues was filed for patent infringements which are no doubt rising a deep lawful conflict between Asia’ two top Smartphone rivals.

When the name of Samsung comes first in the list of top Smartphone makers of Asia, Huawei is positioned on the third number of the list. However, this growing legal clash is surely going to overwhelm global Smartphone market.

What is the reason behind this conflict?

Well, it is more than two weeks now for Samsung filing the case against Huawei in several Courts of China. However, the only report regarding this issue is, Samsung claiming Huawei for allegedly infringing six patents of its brand. However, there is no definite clue relating to the type of patents, neither there is any view from the side of Samsung found on this issue.

When asked Samsung about this sues, it only said, “Despite our best efforts to resolve this matter amicably, it has regrettably become necessary to take legal action to defend our intellectual property.”

According to the reports of an intellectual property court of Beijing, in this sued, Samsung has claimed 161 million Yuan, which is around $24.14 million as the damage compassion from Huawei.

The court also added Samsung asked courts to barren the sale and production of Huawei as infringes patents, its 4G cellular communication technology, operating system, and edge software are its own which is included in Huawei’s Mate 8 and Honor Smartphones.

It is purely a case of innovation and design, and no one knows what will be the outcome of this legal action taken by Samsung and what will be its impact on Smartphone arena.

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