Samosa vs Burger: Read this to know which is more healthy

samosa beats burger healthier snack

Good news for all the Samosa lovers, now you can eat Samosas without thinking much about the side effects of junk food as it is much more healthier than the Burgers you eat. Yes, you read it right if you are craving for some junk food then why not to go for the healthier option. This fact is approved by the recent report of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE).

The judgement made on behalf of the ingredients these snacks are made from. Samosa is preferable because it is made with fresh ingredients and vegetables. Samosa is made from chemical-free ingredients like refined wheat flour, vegetable oil or ghee, cumin, salt, chillies, boiled potatoes, peas and spices. It can be calorie dense, but it is chemical free. While a burger is made with preservatives, acidity regulator, emulsifier, improver and antioxidant along with refined wheat flour, sugar, wheat gluten, mayonnaise, cheese or potato patty, edible vegetable oil, yeast, salt, soy flour, sesame seed and vegetables.

After comparing both popular snacks, the report also suggests the healthy breakfast which is Poha and fresh juices. It is a better breakfast rather than noodles and canned juices which have lots of chemicals like humectants, thickeners, added flavours and permitted synthetic food colours.

The report titled ‘Body Burden: Lifestyle Diseases’ clearly states that fresh food does not contain chemicals like ultra-processed food. CSE conducted a survey also to measure the high consumption of packaged HFSS foods. Food which is High in Fat Salt and Sugar (HFSS) packaged food and beverages, can unfavourably affect the body, so one must avoid the consumption of these products.

CSE also conducted a diet survey named ‘Know Your Diet’ on 13,000 children aged between 9-17 years from the 15 states. The survey period was September 2016 and March 2017. The study also put light on the major health issues of India which includes heart disease, respiratory disease, obesity, cancer, mental health, hormonal disorder and food allergies.

While talking about obesity, the number of overweight people just doubled between 2005 and 2015 in India and the 26 percent of deaths occurring because of cardiovascular diseases. Asper the study, 22.2 million chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients and 35 million chronic asthma patients in 2016 were estimated.

In case if you just willing to stop the cravings for junk and want to opt for a healthy diet then you can follow the simple tips like- stick to the healthy food, eat on proper timings, don’t skip meals, drink lots of water, get proper sleep, eat protein-rich food, drink fresh juices and eat fresh fruits as breakfast and don’t stress so much as it can make you hungry.

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