Salman Khan in Hello Magazine for its Latest June Edition

The Sylvester Stallone of Bollywood – Salman Khan, known for his bindass attitude and king size lifestyle, is caught by ‘Hello’ magazine for its latest June edition. The magazine is available on stands now for sale, all across the world. The glossy-magazine captures a broad photo-shoot and a candid interview of the actor.

While discussing with the Hello team, Khan represents himself as an introspective person and exclaimed, “I live from moment to moment, and in every choice and option, I hope to be doing the righteous thing”.

The superstar shows his care-free approach, which clearly depicts that he doesn’t care about the brouhaha, which usually floats around him. It also put him in the category of accomplished actors of the country who doesn’t care about their growing age.

“My friend Aamir Khan is saying he feels lower energy levels at 50? (He laughs). Well, I am only 27, I get year younger on each birthday. If you keep thinking “O man I am so tired’, it’s bad news. Once you’re tired that old man starts seeping into you, and you must make sure there’s no place for the old man, ” Kick actor said.Hello magazine cover June 2015

The Cine artist further added, “Somebody out there will always be an opponent, and you got to make sure he is more tired than you are. This whole thing “I am tired” it’s a loser’s mindset. No matter how hard you have to work, no matter what distance you have to go, you always have to be ready, always”.

The B-Town artist is fond of kids, regarding the issue, he was asked the same, when he will be becoming father of his own kids, he replied sarcastically “Once I will figure out a way to have themwithout a wife, I will”. He romances all beautiful leading ladies on silver screen, but about his wedding prospect he says, “When I will meet the right person….”

Meanwhile, Dabbang Khan dazzles the cover of ‘Hello’ publication with his spectacular look. The luminary spotted in rough beard look, wearing cheques printed blazer jacket and denim. As usual one of the most eligible bachelors of the country was looking more than handsome in his portfolio for the journal

“I don’t think God has ever wanted me to go down. It’s really I, me and myself to blame, ” final words Salman said in his interview . It was a confession of the actor about recent trials and triumphs of his life.

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