Salman Khan, one of the most popular Indian actors on Micro Blogging Site, warned his fans to leave twitter unless the abusive language on twitter is not stopped. The artist can’t take all these nonsense easily. There are so much abusive languages and rubbishes rampant on social media these days. Salman’s tweet shocked more than 12 Million netizens in the yesterday night.

“SRK and Aamir hate it too. They are my friends”. The Dabangg Khan of the B-Town wrote in a series of tweets last night while condemning the trolls and abusive languages on twitter. Mr. Khan slammed the obnoxious tweets which are so often used on twitter.

The cine-artist joined trendy Micro Blogging Site in April 2010, the year in which his National Award winning film Dabangg was released and created history. On Tuesday late night the actor Salman Khan warned his aficionados not to troll his fellow friends Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter, or else he will leave the site forever.

Three Khans are like trinity of Bollywood who share very good professional relationship with each other. Even they worked in many blockbusters movies together. They also happily did cameo in each other’s films. No wonder Kick director Sajid Nadiadwala said in IIFA weekend “Khans had been always friends”.

However, fans always fight on twitter with each other and openly take the name of these superstars as well. They always stay busy to let down each other’s idols. Bajrang Bhaijaan star found it completely irrelevant and harshly criticized this so called fan-war.

Meanwhile, the superstar is ready to release his upcoming film Bajrang Bhaijaan with Kareena Kapoor. The film’s teaser has been well received by the audience. The 49-year-old-actor is being considered as hit machine in the tinsel town. So, we can expect that the Bajraang Bhaijaan will be also a blockbuster when it will hit the floors this Eid.

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