‘Safe’ Galaxy Note 7 blows up on a US flight: Troubles for Samsung is soaring over

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung, since long has maintained the crown position in the smartphone realm. But since the last couple of months, the Korean Giant seems to transpire heaps of troubles due to its newly released smartphones from the line up of Galaxy Note. The incident of recently launched Galaxy Note 7 causing fire and blast in a commercial flight had dragged the smartphone king into the edge of several adversities, and after the legal notices and complaints from the users, Samsung held a recall process for all the shipped units of Note 7 and replaced them with  new ‘SAFE’ units.

While the replacement of explosive and risky Galaxy Note 7 phones are still going on, a new incident indicated that fret of the Korean giant hasn’t over yet. The mishap has not only stunned the entire tech market but also created the possibilities of the permanent ban of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones in commercial flights. While Samsung has just started replacing the Galaxy Note 7 in the US, it looks like they have already gone ahead for blasting.

On Wednesday, a replacement of Samsung Galaxy Note started producing smokes inside a U.S. plane, creating a panic situation among the passengers and crews of the flight. A person, named as Brain Green is said to be the owner of the blasted handset. According to the source, Brain Green replaced his old Note 7 with the new one on 21 September at an AT&T store. The box of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lacks the black square that used to be present in the older one. The green battery icon is also spotted on the battery which is claimed to be the sign of safe Note 7. But it seems, the Korean company didn’t work much on fixing the fire-explosive issues, but just had made some changes in the outline of the phone.

The sudden fire-catch prompted panic among the co-passengers and finding the origin of smoke; Green Brain dropped his phone on the floor of the plane. Before the incident, the crews of the flight requested Green to turn off his mobile and put it in his pocket, and suddenly it started smoking, making the flight attendants to land the plane immediately.

The sudden happening prompted new inquiries by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Federal Aviation Administration. However, this uncertain and surprising accident is assured to charge the parental Samsung a new, thwarting and potentially costly penalty. After the fire catch of the new replaced Note 7, several inquiries confirm the existence of the black mark on the packaging of the new unit. The investigations also confirmed that the IMEI number of the blasted phone was among the ‘safe’ Note 7s delivered by the company.

Previously, various phones from the line-up of Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Note have undergone through such fire events on flights, on normal charge, and in homes, making consumers re-think about the transparency of the services offered by Samsung.

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