‘Saathiya’ App will teach ‘Same sex attraction is OK’, Girl’s ‘NO’ means No and Boys can cry!

Saathiya manual

‘Saathiya Salah’ an app and kit for adolescent has been launched by Union Health Ministry under the Rashtriya Kishore Swasthya Karyakram (RKSK) program on February 20 2017. The kit that has been prepared by Health Secretary C K Mishra, includes an activity book, Bhranti Kranti Game, Question-Answer Book, Peer educator diary and the app can be downloaded from the Google play store.

The motive is to reach out to adolescents in the country which is 2.6 crore boys and girls and guide them on various topics that Indian families prefer not to talk about even when their children asks them directly. The topic included changes that they will feel in the near future in their bodies, emotional attachments from their friends, be it same or opposite sex, effects of drugs, smoking and drinking on one’s body.

The peer educators (saathiyas), 1.65 lakh people, who will act as educators for generating demand for the adolescent health services and imparting age-appropriate knowledge on key adolescent health issues to their peer groups. C K Mishra said “These educators are largely from within the community, a boy and a girl, who we think with some amount of training can interact with adolescent population and some of the basic concern which they have, they will be able to address. The app and the kit that has been launched today is actually a tool to help educators take this job forward. We are talking about 1.60 lakh peer educators in the field who will be trained. Once they are trained, they will be using this kit to reach out to the adolescent population”.

The resource kit will break the stereotype thinking of the country by educating the young ones in the country in a different way. It states that it is Okay to get attracted with the opposite and same sex, but if a girl says ‘no’, it means no. It is okay for a boy to cry. Nurturing these thoughts in their mind will make them a better person and a better citizen in long run. It will remove their curiosity by clarifying them what it is that they are going through.

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