Hitler’s secret Nazi military base found in Arctic; Here’s what was hidden in ‘Treasure Hunter’

Russians discover Adolf Hitler's secret base "Treasure hunter" with over 500 ancient objects!

In an astonishing find, Russian scientists have discovered Adolf Hitler’s secret Nazi military base in Arctic region that was constructed during the World War 2 in 1942. The hidden base was built on the orders of the one of the most cruel dictator in the history of mankind. The secret bunker also known as ‘Schatzgraber’ or ‘Treasure Hunter’ is located on an island named Alexandra which is nearly 1,000 kilometers from the North Pole.

The island was used by Hitler’s army to attack Russians during WW2. However, the island and secret base now belong to Russians. While exploring the base, scientists have found over 500 relics including leather, wood, natural fabrics and plastics. However, they didn’t find metal components as they would have eroded over the time. All the objects are in decent condition despite the fact they were buried for last seven decades, thanks to the cold climate of Artic.

The relics also contains some hidden but well-conserved documents. Only further study could reveal what these documents say. According to researchers, these secret documents should contain war plans and attack strategy because the region was used for war. These objects could worth millions due to the history associated with them.

As per the meteorological reports, this secret island was used as the key navigation place during the Second World War. Hitler used to exploit this location for arranging the development of troops, submarines, and ships. The name given to the base is also indicating it to have some more mystery missions. A number of experts are also hypothesizing that it may have been utilized for the quest for old relics.

Apparently, after the mission, the site was poisoned by polar bear meat in 1944. Scientists were able to rediscover it after 72 years which will eventually help in solving the mysterious of Hitlers. Many believe that there are several other such hidden bases of Hitler’s that need to be found and several mysterious that need to be solved.

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