Russian court sentences 15 days to anti-Kremlin activist

Russian anti-Kremlin activist TeCake

Anti-Kremlin activist Alexei Navalny has been sentenced to a 15 day jail imprisonment for breaking the law that restrains demonstrations by organizing a march on 1st March and handling out flyers for the same and has barred him from attending the same, which may lead to a lesser amount of people attending the rally.

Before the police arrested him, he was able to post on Twitter, requesting others to continue the march even if it meant without him. He has had a list of investigations strung on him. “Thank You, your Honor, for telling the people, why they need to attend this march,” Alexei Navalny said on being sentenced for organizing a protest march and distributing flyers for it.

“It’s obvious that the nature of crisis of the country has brought us to war, to corruption and to an increase in prices, so in order to prevent a social and economic crisis, we have to put pressure on this government. So we are all going to the anti-crisis march.” He added as the police took him to jail for his 15-day sentence fulfillment.

After this incident, Moscow city hall has granted permission in a confined residential area on the outskirts of the sprawling city rather than the center. This decision has been seen as an evidence that Moscow city doesn’t want the wrath of Putin even if it includes the upper class and politicians of the city.

Putin’s popularity ratings have risen high since the Ukraine invasion and what Russians see as the leader’s tough stance against the West over eastern Ukraine. But Navalry’s march was intended for bringing the nation’s eyes to much more important factors that dealt with the country’s economic crisis, rather than Putin’s expeditions which only led the country to further deterioration of economic well-being.

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