Russian capsule brings back ISS crew safely to Earth

Three spacemen abroad the International Space Station (ISS) reached safely on the Earth after around two thousand six hundred orbits around the planet. The ISS members, namely- Scott Tingle (from the United States), Norishige Kanai (from Japan), and Anton Shkaplerov (from Russia) spent near about one hundred sixty-eight days working in the “low-Earth orbit.”

The astronauts were brought from the ISS to the Earth by a Russian Soyuz that docked on the grasslands of Kazakhstan. The capsule reportedly landed at near about 6:39 p.m. (1239 GMT) on Sunday, 3rd June safely.  Within the next thirty minutes, all the three astronauts were retrieved from it and made to sit on the lounge-type chairs close to the capsule, thereby allowing them re-adjust themselves according to the gravity pull. The astronauts looked healthy and happy.

This mission, the Expedition 55 marked the initial for the spacemen Kanai and Tingle. However, the same marked the completion of five hundred thirty-two space days for the cosmonaut Shkaplerov. The three astronauts worked as a team to conduct numerous space experiments at the ISS. Their experiments and analysis involved- microgravity research, materials testing, and plant growth testing. The team was also involved in getting 4 cargo crafts carrying experiments and supplies onboard the space station. The cargo crafts were brought to the ISS from a Dragon spacecraft of SpaceX that arrived there in the month of December.  A next Dragon spacecraft carrying shipment again reached the ISS in the month of April. This space crew also participated in the Year of Education on Station program of NASA and educated the youth interested to become astronauts. Kanai and Tingle undertook many spacewalks and scrutinized the “Canadarm2 robotic arm system.” Shkaplerov went on a spacewalk with the cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin in the month of February and worked on fixing an antenna responsible for communications.

These 3 astronauts would be taken after some time to Karaganda, around four hundred kilometers (two hundred fifty miles) northeast. After undergoing some long medical tests there, they would later be moved either to Houston or Moscow.

Three members of the Expedition 55 crew, namely the Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev and the American astronauts Drew Feustel and Rickey Arnold are still onboard the International Space Station. The ISS team consisting of these three spacemen would be joined by another 3 astronauts who would be launched on Wednesday.

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