A physically challenged person, Aslam was thrashed by a Premanand Kumar Singh, RPF Constable at the Howrah station on Wednesday. The incident took place at around 11:30 pm when the passenger was waiting for his train and was asked by the constable to leave the station.

On Thursday, Suresh Prabhu, Railway Minister said that serious action will be taken against this RPF personnel and anyone else found guilty. “We have given strict instructions to Railway Police Force that they cannot misbehave with passengers. We have asked them to deal with them in most courteous and human manner. If anybody is found misbehaving with them, we will take serious action against them,” he told reporters.

Moreover, on the same day, Premanand was suspended when protests started and media came to know about the matter. Prabhu said that action will also be taken against some of the other officials that are found included in the act and also some others that misbehaved with passengers in the past. “We have taken very serious action against quite a few of them,” he added.

Several news channels showed the videos of the RPF personnel who was thrashing the disabled and he refused to get out of the station when he bas asked by police. CCTV’s have helped the police a lot in finding he culprit and get evidences against him “At many places we have placed CCTvs and because of this, we have been able to take action,” he added.

Railway has started programmes to train RPF officials so that they can learn how to b polite and courteous to humans and especially to those physically disabled. “In addition to this, we have started training programmes of how to deal with the passengers,” Prabhu added.

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