A rocket of NASA exploded colorful clouds in the space!


NASA was waiting for the right time to get the red and greenish-blue clouds launched in the space right from last month.

The moment arrived finally on  29th June 2017. A sounding rocket of NASA was launched at  4:25 am EST from the Wallops Flight Facility of NASA in Virginia.  The rocket also shot 10 canisters around the dimension of a soda can, according to the information provided by NASA.

The cans released red and blue-green vapors that were “tracer vapors” puffs which were brightly colored. These vapors were seen  right from New York to the areas of North Carolina. These clouds assisted the scientists of NASA to keep a track on the way and direction fo movement of these particles.

Here is how the colorful clouds looked like:

The rocket was actually scheduled to be launched on May 31st, 2017, however, due to bad weather and poor visibility resulted in the delaying of the mission many times. These clouds in the space were not simply for entertainment only.

The experiment is one of the innovative missions of NASA in the initiative international “Grand Challenge” which has objectives of helping and assisting the scientists to probe the gaping holes in the protective magnetic shield of the Earth which are two in number as discovered till date and are named cusps.

The two holes which are present in the invisible shield are found to leak air of approximately 100 tons every day as per the facts by Astronomy Now.

The magnetic layer that acts as an envelope around the Earth is very crucial to the survival of our planet, as it facilitates the deflection of the constant solar wind that contains particles that possess high energy, thus the Earth gets protection against the irregular solar storm.


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