BRoad accidents kill one person in every four min, figures expected to rise!

Road accidents in India take one life in every four seconds. The alarming figures were released by the NGO ‘Indians for Road Safety’ monitoring the rate of road accidents and number deaths over past few years.

The estimations by the NGO are mind boggling, according to them overall cost of accidents is nearly 3 percent of the GDP — Rs 3.8 lakh crore. Every year country loses massive amount of capital due to road accidents apart from losing human life which is invaluable. While releasing the shattering figures in a Seminar ‘Tackling the Challenges of Unsafe Vehicles on Indian Roads’ in Delhi on Saturday, the NGO said that these alarming figures are result of negligence and improper monitoring by government and these figures are expected to rise by 2020.

They estimated one death in every 3 minutes by the end of 2020 if nothing is done by the government and concerned authorities to limit the road accidents now.

While speaking at the seminar,  Kiran K Kapila, chairman, International Road Federation (India Chapter) said.that Indian roads fail many of the international road safety standards. Since India has the second largest road network in the world, it is very shameful that more than a million people lose their lives in road accidents. He further warned to curb a lackadaisical approach towards passenger safety.

Several organizations concerned towards road safety were present in the seminar. SaveLife Foundation estimated that Uttar Pradesh had the highest number of road death last year while Tamil Nadu stood second with 15,176 deaths. National capital recorded 1,671 deaths.

Nearly 4.5 lakh road accidents were reported in 2013 with 1.5 lakh people falling to deep slumber.

What worried the people present in the seminar the most is that it was not due to reckless driving that such vast number of accidents are happening, but the vulnerable roads are to be blamed for it.

There is an urgent need to rethink over the existing rules rather than making new rules to curb the road accidents, said Justice G B Patnaik, former Chief Justice of India.

People in the seminar pointed that people in most areas of the country don’t wear the helmet while driving two-wheelers which might be the reason behind such large number of road deaths. According data presented in the seminar, two-wheelers and pedestrians constitute half of the total number of deaths in road accidents.

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  1. what can the govt do when we as indians do have the basic road sense of driving in lanes. We end up making queues adjacent to each other at u turns, we honk non stop at the traffic signals as if the person in front is supposed to fly to give us space, cutting at the slighest of spaces available, overtaking from the wrong side. Traffic lights are supposed be diwali decoration for us. I mean everything wrong with driving we have it in our genes. Recently i saw two bikes in front of me trying to take a turn criss crossing each other. As a result one leg of one of the guys was stuck between the motorbikes and the person following me instaed of being patient and helping the guy starts to shout “are hila le isne”. If this is the kind of attitude we show on the roads no wonder we are going to lose many more precious lives.


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