Review: Popcorn Time – The Netflix of Torrents & more

It is difficult for some people depending upon the internet connection, device being used, region, etc, to connect to the internet and watch the enthralling TV series and movies that have been coming up on the internet including the Netflix Originals which is like the Adidas of movies and TV series where you can expect the content to be path-breaking even if you blindfold yourself and click on any link under Netflix TV series/Originals/Movies, etc.

There are plenty of websites available on the web that allow visitors to binge watch their favorite movies or TV series or even both but there are limitations. Buffering is one of the major cause why I wouldn’t try a website twice because it interrupts the watching experience and that’s a complete turn off for me and I believe the millions of others who go through it every day but resort to it because there are no alternatives (that they know of).

Review: Popcorn Time - The Netflix of Torrents & more

I stumbled upon Popcorn Time almost two years ago when a friend recommended it to me and it is awesome as Barney Stinson would say. Since the app isn’t available on Google Play Store, you must download it from its website only. But yes, there is an installer available on Play Store that you can install and then, install the app from within but it’s just too much for millennials who want everything ready to consume and it was the reason why millions of visitors usually bounce off from websites where the video buffers or there are just too many ads.

Don’t worry cause I will link the app link at the end of this review where I explain in brief how it is using the app and what features it provides and some helpful tips that should agree to. Note that the app is available for Android smartphones, Android TV, iOS, and Windows where the functionality is basically the same but with a different layout so you can generalize the review for all three apps enlisted.


Review: Popcorn Time - The Netflix of Torrents & more

When you install the app on your phone, it asks for credentials to sign up which is pretty standard these days. What’s exciting is that the app is free and offers a premium user interface that looks astonishing. There are two sections i.e. TV Series and Movies. You can choose from the movies listed on the respective page or you can search for yourself and it’s that easy. Simply select the category i.e. Movies or TV Series, enter the name or word and search. Although the app will pull out the content you are interested in seconds but sometimes, it faces difficulties searching for movies like ‘Love & Other Drugs’ starring Jack Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway but you’ll surely learn how to search for it.

Review: Popcorn Time - The Netflix of Torrents & more

The app offers content in 480p, 720p, and 1080p which you can either download and watch from within the app or stream it right away. You can check out IMDb ratings, trailer, synopsis when you tap on any title. For TV series, you can search through the Seasons, tap on an episode that you want to watch, select captions or dubbing in any other language, get interrupted watching experience with no ads except the VPN prompt if you haven’t registered for it yet.

Simply tap on the three vertically stacked lines on the top left side of the screen to open menus, select Genre, Sort by, and Index. You can mark movies and TV series as your favorite so that you don’t have to search for it later.

What are the settings available?

Apart from the basic functionality that comes with any title such as resolution, captions, dubbing, you can tap on the Settings to get more out of the app. You can change the Interface from Mobile to TV or cast the video from your phone directly to the paired TV without any further ado. The app supports multiple languages with English being the default so that you don’t have to waste time taking English classes simply to read out the titles since you can change the language from the Settings.

You can alter the download and upload speeds as you want and limit the app to work on Wi-Fi only unless you want to stream the heavy files on your mobile data.


Review: Popcorn Time - The Netflix of Torrents & more

Yes, the app has a Virtual Private Network which is a protocol used to mask your IP Address so that you cannot be tracked via your IP Address. Since Popcorn Time pulls content from YTS which is a torrent site, it could land you in trouble depending upon where you live and what are the rules against or for torrents but with VPN, you can enjoy the seamless watching experience without worrying that anyone could track you down.

Popcorn Time offers VPN at a cheap price which starts at merely $1 or approximately 70 INR for a month and then, $4.99/mo or 350 INR per month. But you can check out the annual package worth $3.33/mo or $39.99 per year i.e. 2,800 INR but you can enjoy watching videos without VPN too but there are few limitations.

Tips that you must follow

Review: Popcorn Time - The Netflix of Torrents & more

When you are watching an episode or movie on your phone using Popcorn Time, you can stream a video at a time and with VPN, you can use a maximum of three devices on a single account. Further, when you download a title on your phone, it works pretty well when you download a single title but when you download two or more, although it permits downloading it, you might find it difficult to stream the second downloaded file since you might need a stronger internet connection to retrieve it but hey, the first title that you downloaded works extremely well so chill.

Sometimes when you stream or download an episode or movie, it might stick at some random % or it might not start at all and this is a common error. You can simply close the app after disconnecting the download and access it again and that must solve the error and that’s pretty much everything you can do and hope the app works properly.


Like any other apps, Popcorn Time has its own errors that I listed above and but above all, it has thousands of titles both in movies and TV series in vivid genres and resolution that you can enjoy binge watching. The app is mostly free unless you need a VPN which isn’t too expensive either and that is a USP since you don’t get ads on this app.

Download Popcorn Time for Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux32, and Linux64.

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