Retired NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly’s book will take you deep inside space

Scott Kelly, NASA, International Space Station

The record-breaking Astronaut Scott Kelly, who is now retired, has launched his new book named Endurance, which is an autobiography. The new book gives an insight about Kelly’s U.S. recording year in space and the challenging life events that got him there. During 2015-16, Kelly spent a record-breaking 340 days in International Space Station (ISS), the longest any American has ever spent in free fall around our Earth. The main purpose of Kelly’s mission was to study how long periods in zero gravity affect the human mind and body.

Now coming to Kelly’s book, the autobiography comes out on October 17th and in that book Kelly talks about his journey from “blue-collar New Jersey” to NASA and then to the ISS. In the book, Kelly recounts an incidence of dumpster diving on the International Space Station for discarded meals after a supply capsule was destroyed and ending up with “some dude’s used underwear” in his hands. He tells about how he was affected by congestion, burning eyes, and headaches caused due to high carbon dioxide level and the feeling no one cared about at the Mission Control in Houston.

He also reveals how about prostate cancer surgery almost got him banned from space station duty, and how his vision problem during an earlier spaceflight almost cost him the one-year mission, which spanned from March 2015 to March 2016. He also recalls about how he went to tattoo parlor before the launch and got black dots all over his body so that it would become easy to take ultrasound tests in orbit.

Kelly said his main aim of worrying the Endurance: A Year in Space, A Lifetime of Discovery,” was to tell everyone the whole story about space and its impact on an astronaut’s life. He said that most of the astronauts say only good stuff in their memoirs and overlook or neglect the personal things that happened in their lives, things they might not be proud of, things that we all have that makes us normal, relatable people. He feels that sharing the memories is good but giving the readers an in-depth view of the bad stuff actually makes the story more believable.

The book revolves around Kelly’s initial life, his passion for aviation and space, his tenure at NASA, his natural experience of the space world during his stay at ISS and some funny moments with his colleagues at ISS. The book ends with Kelly returning to Earth in Soyuz capsule in March 2016. The book Endurance is a great testament to the wonders humans can accomplish irrespective of any type obstacles that come in-between. Kelly said that the Stuff is hard, but we you stick with it and work hard and show up prepared, we can achieve some pretty incredible things.

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