Sleeping too much or too less, get ready to die early

Researchers have developed new sensor that’s small enough to get attached with your smartphone and can tell you how well you slept last night by monitoring quality of your sleep;

A team of researchers from the VIT Technical Research Centre of Finland have developed the new gas sensor that can be attached with your smartphones. Researchers say that the sensor measures level of carbon dioxide to monitor the quality of sleep. Moreover, several other developers and researchers are excited to the sensor with their smartphones.

[blockquote]”This is probably due to the spread of the Internet of Things (IoT), which enables indirect observations of a range of environmental factors based on data gathered from single sensors or sensor networks,” said lead researcher Anna Rissanen. “Many day-to-day issues, such as precision and efficiency in the workplace, can depend on carbon dioxide levels and internal air quality.” [/blockquote]

While explaining, Rissanen said that the miniature sensor takes the help of Fabry-Perot interferometers (FPI) – adjustable optical filters. To monitor the level of any gas, the device absorbs the light at a particular wavelength. To monitor the concentration of CO2  the sensor absorbs it at a wavelength of 4.2 micrometres.

Researchers say that amount of CO2 present in the room affects the quality of sleep, lesser the CO2 concentration, better the sleep. Thus, the sensor can be used to tell how well you slept last night.

By adjusting the wavelength, concentration of other gases can also be monitored, said Rissanen. Thus, the device has multiple uses. In addition, the device can be integrated with the health apps to keep a track on your health.

Rissanen further added that the device isn’t yet available for the public use, but soon it will go under mass production.

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