Research says the new trend of ‘Raw’ water is potentially hazardous for humans

Research says the new trend of 'Raw' water is potentially hazardous for humans

Scientists recommend that the latest trend of drinking ‘raw’ water is not bad for health, but it could be possibly hazardous. Scientists claim that natural water taken directly from its natural resource has many health benefits, it also has mineral compounds and probiotics. In a recent study published by a New York Times that in the San Francisco the unfiltered, unsterilised water is being bottled up for a high price.

Experts stated that apart from minerals the natural water also contains bacteria, viruses and parasite which could increase the risk of cancer in the body. The founder of Live Water, Mukhande Singh a firm which is selling raw water stated that we all are drinking infected water which comes from the toilet with birth control drugs in it. He continued that fluoride and chloramine are added to the water to clean it, but it has no health benefits. The report revealed that Fluoridation effectively prevents tooth decay.

Vince Hill Chief of Waterborne Disease Prevention told that untreated water could contain chemicals and germs that can make people sick or can cause disease. He added that anything we can think of could be in the untreated water and as far as fluoride concerns, scientists said that the chemical is adequately added in the water humans can only see the benefits. Experts explained that the fluoride present in the drinking water is not dangerous, the problem will occur when a high amount of chemical is added. In lower quantity fluoride is advantageous to dental health. If water firms carry a proper treatment with right standards, it will not cause any harms to the human being.

A food-safety advocate said that nearly everything that can make you sick could be found in untreated water. Apart from this Dr Donald Hensrud also told that without treating water there are risks of having dangerous diseases. There is evidence all around the world because of treated water our environment is very healthy and efficient. Even after the scientific point of view, the raw water is being sold at a very high rate in the market.

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