Apple Watch 2017 could come with Micro-LED display

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The Cupertino giant Apple is recently on the top of the headlines for its latest coming iPhone 7, but the company must be active on other products in its portfolio. A fresh round of leaks provide us more information on the efforts of the company with the Apple Watch and the GPU display. According to the new report, Apple has decided to persuade in a third company to make its Oled displays for its iPhone next year.

Coming to the Apple Watch, the smart device manufacturer may be turning from LCD displays to Micro-LED displays for its 2017 loop. According to the report, Apple will not take the same iPhone path for its smartwatch, and shift to the Oled displays. Instead, the company will choose for Micro-LED displays on the Apple Watch 2017 . Micro LED is furnished with better brightness and colour gamuts levels as compared to the LED displays. It even consumes less battery than LCD which results in more battery life on the Apple Watch 2017 and can even be much slimmer as it does not need backlighting.

Apple has partnered with LuxVue Technology in 2014, a firm that is specific famous in Micro-LED displays. It seems that Apple is now taking the acquisition to some worth in its Apple Watch 2017.

In addition, the company is evidently not leaving its display business just yet. While the Thunderbolt Display has been stopped formally, Buzzfeed reporter John Paczkowski speaking to people familiar with the matter says that Apple is developing a new display with an integrated GPU, as was rumoured at an earlier time. The display is expected to house a 5k (5120x2880pixels) resolution and is said to be addressed the ‘Apple 5K Display’.

At last, the iPhone is said to come with fewer design changes this year, with Apple rendering the big changes for the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone next year. One of the main highlight of the rumoured features for the next year’s iPhone is said to be the turn to Oled displays. According to the Nikkei report, Apple will add in a third manufacturer to fulfil the needs of Oled displays for its iPhone. With LG and Samsung, Foxconn-owned Sharp will also be developing the Oled displays for the Apple. The report said that Sharp recently provides display panels to Apple, but it does not acquire Oled technology yet. Foxconn has told that it will give 200 billion yen to give help to Sharp develop the technology.

The iPhone this year is hoped to be launched in September. According to the rumours, Apple is revealing the three variants and the larger iPhone 7 Plus will feature a dual-camera setup, a possible Smart connector at the rear side of the iPhone and 3GB RAM.

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