Reliance JioPhone 4G explodes and melts while charging, Company claims intentional damage

Reliance Industries recently launched its much awaited and much hyped JioPhone 4G in the Indian market. And just a month ago, it started delivering those phones to its customers who had pre-ordered the phone. But according to a latest report published in Phone Radar, a JioPhone feature phone has exploded and melted, and the incident took place in Jammu Kashmir.

Although initially it was said that the phone exploded while charging but there is no evidence regarding it. Phone Radar informed that the battery is intact and safe. Only the back part of the phone has completely burnt and melted. Along with that, charger wire has also melted. The tech blog also shared images of an allegedly-exploded device of JioPhone on Twitter.

Reliance reacted to the reports instantly and said that all those are false claims and if the JioPhone has exploded then it has been done intentionally to harm the company’s image and JioPhone’s popularity. Reliance said in a statement that JioPhones are designed and manufactured with global standards, and each phone goes through stringent quality control process. The said incident has been reported to them, and their initial investigation suggests that this is a case of intentional sabotage. It added that the damage to the device seems to have been intentionally caused. The incident, as well as its timing, has been designed by vested interests to malign the brand. The company would take appropriate action based on further investigations.

Following the statement made by Reliance, Phone Radar has deleted the tweet regarding the allegedly-exploded JioPhone. Actually, according to the reports, a LYF distributor investigated the JioPhone and informed about the damage caused to the phone due to the explosion. Reliance is again gearing up to begin pre-order for its JioPhone. The first phase of pre-order was held in August, and it saw millions of people wanting the 4G feature phone. Owing to heavy rush, the company stopped the pre-orders and after a month started delivering the phones. The customers need to deposit a security fee of Rs 1500, which will be returned after using the phone for 3 years.


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