Reliance Jio launches Plans for Prime and Non-prime users: How to activate Jio prime

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As reliance Jio made its presence felt last year and forever changed the face of Indian telecom by bringing the VoLTE to the fore, it is all set to roll out tariff plans for all its users. So far the users have not been charged for the services.

However, starting April 1, 2017, Jio will be charging the users for the services. Those who subscribe before 31 March can avail the Jio Prime membership. The enrollment to the Jio Prime membership program is open until 31 March for existing subscribers for a fee of Rs 99.

For prepaid users, who do not subscribe to the Jio prime program have the option of recharging with plans that start from Rs 11. The prepaid users who subscribe to the prime membership program have the option of opting for plans starting from Rs 19 whereas the plans for postpaid users would range from Rs 309 to Rs 999.

After 31 March, for Jio users who have not chosen any plans-Prime or Non-prime- the services will stop after a few days. The following are the plan details and the benefits you will get as the part of the Jio Prime membership program for each plan package (these are for the prepaid users):

Rs 19 Jio Plan

  • This is the minimum amount you can recharge. Validity: 1 day
  • Benefits: 100 MB 4G data (NonPrime) and 200 MB for prime users, 100 SMS STD, Jio app subscriptions

Rs 49 Jio Plan

  • Validity: 3 days
  • Benefits: all standard benefits applicable, 300 MB 4G data (Non-prime) and 600 MB 4G data (Prime ).

Rs 96 Jio Plan

  • Validity: 7 days
  • Benefits: 600 MB 4G data and other standard benefits applicable (non-prime), 7GB Data with FUP of 1 GB per day for prime users.

Rs 149 Jio Plan

  • Validity: 28 days
  • Benefits: 1 GB 4G data for nonprime users, 2GB data for prime users

Rs 303 Jio Plan

  • This plan is applicable for both prepaid and postpaid users.
  • Validity: 28 days for prepaid users, one billing cycle for postpaid users
  • Benefits: 2.5 GB 4G data for Non-prime prepaid users. 28 GB 4G data for Jio prime users with 1GB per day FUP for prime users.  For postpaid new users, the pack offers 30 GB 4G data over the billing cycle.

Rs 499 Jio Plan

  • Applicable to both prepaid and postpaid users
  • Validity:  28 days for prepaid users and one billing cycle for postpaid users
  • Benefits: for nonprime Jio users the pack would offer 5GB 4G data. For prime Jio users, the same package offers 56 GB data for prepaid users (2GB per day FUP) and 60 GB for postpaid users( 2GB per day FUP)

Rs 999 Jio plan

  • Validity: 60 days for both prepaid and postpaid users
  • Benefits: 12.5 GB 4G data for non-prime users. For postpaid and prepaid users the total bundle data is 60 GB data (no FUP per day)

Rs 1999 Jio Plan

  • It is applicable only to prepaid Jio users
  • Validity: 90 days
  • Benefits: The prepaid users can avail 30 GB 4G data with no daily FUP (NonPrime users). For Jio Prime subscribers the pack offers 125 GB 4G with no daily FUP.

Rs 4999 Jio plan (applicable to prepaid users only)

  • Validity: 180 days
  • Benefits: 100 GB data for non-prime users. 350 GB data for Jio Prime users.

Rs 9999 Jio plan:

  • Applicable to prepaid users only
  • Validity: 30 days (nonprime users) and 360 days for Jio Prime subscribers
  • Benefits:  200 GB 4G data for non-prime users. Jio Prime users get 750 GB of 4G data.

The fee for the Jio Prime membership program is a one-time only annual plan for all existing users of Reliance Jio. As you can observe, the benefits to the Jio Prime users is certainly doubled or tripled as compared to the non-prime user for every Jio Plan. So here’s how you can subscribe to the Jio Prime Membership program from your phone with the Jio SIM.

You can activate the Jio Prime membership from your MyJio App Suite on your phone. You can download it from the Google Play store or Apple App store. You would need the Jio SIM to be active on the device you are accessing the MyJio app. After signing up via SIM signup option, you should open the side bar that has the Jio Prime Membership option; click on it, and you will be redirected to the payment page. You can opt for payment via debit, credit card, JioMoney or internet banking. Once done you can move on to choose the plans you wish to subscribe for.

The plans that are opted for would only be for SMS and data services as the roaming, and domestic calling facilities remain free for all Jio users irrespective of the plans they have opted for. Needless to say, but the higher, the more you pay for the plan, the more data you get at a lesser per GB cost.

Jio Monthly rental Jio Prime Prepaid Jio Prime Postpaid Jio Prepaid Plan Jio Postpaid Plan FUP
Rs. 19 200MB N/A 100MB N/A No FUP
Rs. 49 600MB N/A 300MB N/A No FUP
Rs. 96 7GB N/A 600MB N/A Daily 1GB FUP for Jio Prime Users
Rs. 149 2GB N/A 1GB N/A No FUP
Rs. 303 28GB 30GB 2.5GB 2.5GB Daily 1GB FUP for Jio Prime Users
Rs. 499 56GB 60GB 5GB 5GB Daily 2GB FUP for Jio Prime Users
Rs. 999 60GB 60GB 12.5GB 12.5GB No FUP
Rs. 1,999 125GB N/A 30GB N/A No FUP
Rs. 4,999 350GB N/A 100GB N/A No FUP
Rs. 9,999 750GB N/A 200GB N/A No FUP

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