Reliance going to provide iPhone 6 on EMI contract.


It is one more time when the tech giant, Apple is in rumors. Last week images were leaked on the internet giving the hint about collaboration of Reliance and Apple to provide its latest iPhone 6 in EMI basis to Indian consumers. According to these rumors, Reliance Telecom is going to provide iPhone 6 at zero down-payment for Rs. 3,599 per month, on 24 moths plan basis. The service provider could offer unlimited data usage, messaging, voice calls and roaming as it is mention about ‘zero bills’ for two years. Apparently, these charges may be included the monthly payments.

Last year, a similar move was made by the companies providing Apple iPhones on EMI’s. However, Apple announced that iPhone 6 won’t be available on EMI or contract basis. Going or the recent leaks, the reported, “It looks like Reliance will be offering the Apple iPhone 6and the iPhone 6 Plus with Zero Plan starting Rs. 3,099 per month. We are not sure if it is the GSM variant of the iPhone 6 or the CDMA variant, but as per the information available on the website, customers can buy the device without any down payment. We guess that the iPhone 6 will be available for Rs. 3,099 per month (for 24 months), while the iPhone 6 Plus will be available for Rs. 3,599 per month (for 24 months).” The zero plan of Reliance allows the customer to buy an iPhone under six months, 12 or 24 months contract, without any down-payments.

However, it is explicitly mentioned in the first line, “Zero down payment on your iPhone 5s’ on the leaked images. These pictures could probably pretend that the leaks are totally fake and unoriginal.iPhone6-zero-plan-tecake

Moreover, the Apple iPhone 6 is available in the market without contract, at the price tag of Rs. 53,500 Meanwhile its bigger variant iPhone 6 plus at Rs. 62,500 for 16 GB of internal memory.


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