No Man’s Sky PS4 launch in India postponed

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No Man’s Sky since far before its launch was generating waves worldwide and all most every gamer found to be highly excited about the game. However, there was a lot of confusion and drama found to relate to the release date of the game.

At the point when the official release for No Man’s Sky was pushed from its initiate date of June to early August, the fans also most lost their psyche. Built up unparalleled, with numerous dribbling at the opportunity to investigate its huge universe, fans were baffled. But then, however, the most-awaited game has finally landed up officially and released worldwide. However, still, it seems that numerous nations and fans are still in queue to get this game in their hand.

While nations like US and UK are enjoying the early release of the game, few countries like India are still waiting in line. In UK and US, the game released on 8th August, while other nations including India got the game on 10th August via Play Station Store and the PC version of the game is expected to arrive on 13th August.

However, no official reasons are given for the deferred of the arrival of No Man’s Sky PS4 in India. Nonetheless, it is accessible digitally via Indian PlayStation Store and can be downloaded and play; you have to pay Rs. 3, 499 to get its digital copy. But if you are a PC user, then you have to wait for August 13, as the game is estimated be out for public on this date.

Made for a limited edition of 10,000 copies, No Men’s Sky game at $149.99 still exists to pre-order, with a new estimated ship date, August 13. However, no official confirmations are yet made about the new shipping date.

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