Reduce your risks of heart diseases by 40% with vegetarian diet

The long debate on papers and media houses on many health benefits of reducing meat intake concludes that a plant-based diet is great for your heart health. Currently, the U.S is a home to numerous vegetarians and vegans and the number is repeatedly increasing. Touted as a more healthful option, many people are working on to reduce their meat consumption.  In the past decades, various studies were done that demonstrated that restricting meat impacts the body in a number of beneficial ways. For example, a plant-based diet has shown results in reducing the risks of obesity, type-2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Becoming a vegetarian or a vegan can protect you against numerous types of cancers, experts suggest.

The findings and the research were published in the journal Progress in cardiovascular disease where it focused on the benefits of a plant-based diet on cardiovascular health. The researchers from the physician committee for responsible medicine in Washington D. C have scrutinized the reams of recent. Examining the information from a host of clinical trials and observational studies, it has been found that a plant-based diet was consistently linked with improved measures of heart health.

The researchers included the individuals following a plant-based diet that the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases is reduced by 40%. The coronary heart disease risk is reduced by 40%. Blocked arteries are unblocked partially or fully in more than 91% of patients. Hypertension risk declines by 34%. The total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein, or bad cholesterol levels are much lower in the vegetarians as compared to those of non-vegetarians. A plant-based diet was shown to be linked to weight loss as well.

The author of the study Dr. Hana Kahleova, Ph. D was reported saying that a plant-based diet has the power to not only prevent heart diseases but also manage and sometimes even reverse it-something no drug has ever done. He also notes that more healthful diets and lifestyles lower the risk of heart attack by 81-94% while drugs can only lower this risk by 20-30%. There are many reasons why a plant-based diet is more healthful for the heart than a meat-heavy one. it seems that plants impart some of the benefits while meat increases certain disease risks.

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