chillies can cure obesity

Eating Red hot chillies makes you eat less and lose weight says a new study. Apart from making the vegetables spicy and giving it a nice reddish color, chilies can tell the brain to eat less. However, the research hasn’t confirmed that chilies could cure obesity. Although the red chilies might force you to sweat even in winters but the study has given another solid reason to add them in your daily diet.

Lead researcher Amanda Page from the University of Adelaide’s School of Medicine said when stomach muscle stretches while eating food, it activates nerves which further sends signal to the brain that our stomach is full and we should stop consuming food any further.

Page has found hot chilli receptors in the stomach that can send signals of fullness in the stomach. This activation is driven by hot chilli pepper or TRPV1 receptors in the stomach. Page believes that hot chillies might help people in eating less and reducing weight, eventually curing obesity.

While explaining Page said that chilies are rich in capsaicin that stimulates nerve cell in the stomach reducing food intake. In addition, study authors found that that the deletion of TRPV1 receptors adversely affects functioning of gastric nerves in the stomach resulting in delayed feeling of fullness and a person ends up eating more. This is the prime cause of obesity, said Page.

“We will also do further work to determine why a high-fat diet de-sensitises TRPV1 receptors and investigate if we can reverse the damage,” said Page.

With the study, it is clear that red hot chilies play a crucial role in reducing food intake. However, researchers haven’t found any interlink between chilies and preventing or curing obesity. More study is required to confirm the findings.

Moreover, chilies can also prevent the growth of cancer cells and can make your voice more lucid and clear strengthening your singing capability. So, don’t be afraid of eating chilies and include in your diet.

The study appeared in the journal PLOS ONE.

First published on Thursday, August 20, 2015, 01:56 PM
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  1. Love chilly willy, this is great news for me.
    I’ve lost 25lbs with the Loaded Gun Diet and this can help me lose more.

  2. Chilli and other spices can surely help lose weight in moderate quantities, if you use them properly.

    I have lost 22 pounds with the diet of lisa plog and it contained a bit of spices like chilli as well. Google for “lisa plog diet plans” to find the diet which I used.

    A balanced diet including spices always helps though.


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