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The reason behind the one million degree F sizzles in the corona

The corona of the sun is near about one hundred times scorching than the lower levels that are in much more proximity to “the fusion reactor” at the core of the sun. A collaboration of astrophysicists has figured out the energy level in the corona of the sun that earlier remained undetected. This high energy rate is responsible for the warmer solar atmosphere.

Reportedly a marvel has been found out by the scientists at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. This marvel is expected to unravel to figure out the “physiological elements,” which result in the top climate heating up to one million degrees F and more.

The discoveries of the researchers leading up to the reason of the hot corona of the sun were published in the one hundred twenty-three years old Astrophysical Journal. By conducting various observations with NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), it has been figured out by the researchers that the presence of a massive amount of hefty metal ions in the “magnetic flux tubes” result in the occurrence of “an electric current in the coronal mass.”

The director of the research team, Gregory Fleishman of the Institute of Technology of New Jersey said in a statement that they had an idea of the fact that something actually intriguing was taking place at the annexation in between the corona, and the sun’s surface, the photosphere, considering the exceptional discrepancies in the chemical composition in between the 2 layers.

The clear pictures taken in the high ultraviolet band brings to light the unevenly huge agglomeration of the “multiply charged metals” in comparison with “single-electron ions of hydrogen” that are present at the photosphere.

The research revealed that the particles of iron exist in the ion traps that are located at the bottom of the coronal loops. The coronal loops are basically “arcs of zapped plasma” that are correlated with the help of alluring field lines. The presence of unusually sturdy coronal loops, which are devoid of the iron particles, could be inferred from the existence of the traps formed by the field lines. These had managed to escape from being recognized in the ultraviolet range. The “metal ions” produce outflows with their continuously shifting electrons that make them to be obvious. The “metal ions” travel into the corona at the time when the different “sized solar flares” shatter the traps making them evaporate into the flux loops situated in the uppermost atmosphere.

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