Renowned Stephen Hawking is dead and we see his look alike, say conspiracy theorists

Stephen Hawking recently celebrated his 76th birthday on 8th January and despite his life-threatening condition, he continues to thrive and lead a good life filled with the knowledge of science. However, numerous conspiracy theorists believe that the actual award-winning scientist might have been dead for a long time.

If a story published on the MailOnline is to be believed, many people around different parts of the world state that the real professor passed away many decades ago. After his death, politicians and scientists with great help from technology replaced his with a person who looked almost similar to the real genius.

These particular conspiracy theorists believe that Professor Hawking died way back in the year 1985, which was three years prior to the release of his book “A Brief History of Time” which was among the best sellers. The idea might seem bizarre but the theorists outlined around five strong signs that prove their claim.

When it comes to the overall physical appearance, the deception detectors suggest that a lot of people, especially the ones suffering from ALS won’t look younger than they did back in 1982. They also pointed out that Dr. Hawking’s ears had decreased in size as he aged with teeth structure that is completely different. This isn’t something which is possible without a significant dental work. Upon close inspection of the teeth, the skeptics commented that the teeth were much worse than earlier with the lower ones longer than previously seen.

With a condition like ALS, the average expectancy for life is nothing more than four years post-diagnosis. Stephen was diagnosed in the year 1963 at the age of 21. The doctors gave him a mere 2-year life expectancy but somehow he seemed to have survived more than 55 years after diagnosis.

The skeptics looked through the wedding photographs with both his wives. The one with Jane Wilde, his first wife looked totally normal, while the second one with Elaine Mason, his nurse attracted the attention of conspiracy theorists. The pictures with Mason showed her wearing a different outfit for each picture while trying to look older accompanied by shorter and redder hairs.

Another matter of interest is his voice-synthesizer computer. It works when Dr. Hawking twitches his cheek muscles to select a word which is converted into sound by the computer. However, the conspiracy theorists claim that there is no such technology that can let you select words simply by twitching your cheek muscles. They also pointed out that Hawking rarely moved in a continuous manner while talking.

As stated by the skeptics, these words are actually fed into the computer, which are messages being delivered by NASA to the general public. They also believe that Stephen Hawking is being used as a powerful strategy to convince people of anything as people regard the words of this renowned theorist.

The name Stephen Hawking is also attached to numerous political agendas which heat up the conspiracy even further. This well-constructed conspiracy to replace actual human looks more like a plot from any science-fiction film.

Do you think there could be any truth in these speculations?

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  • I’m amazed there aren’t dozens of comments here. Problem is, all of these points hold true if you look at the photos of Hawking decades ago and today. I’ve also watched a number of vids of him speaking and he produces whole sentences seemingly without moving a muscle. It really does look suspicious, and given his almost completely non-functional nervous system, it does make you wonder how he can speak so quickly using his cheek muscles to control a speech synthesiser when an able bodied person wouldn’t be able to do that, even with a lot of practice.

    Look at texting as an example, texting speak arose not just because of the original message length limit, but because it took too long to produce full, correctly spelled words. Watch an expert texter and they would struggle to produce the text at the same speed that Hawking supposedly does by twitching cheek muscles. Even with advanced predictive analysis for his synthesiser, or using a shorthand/symbolic word system on the synthesiser (not sure how it actually works), why does he never mispronounce a word or say the wrong word, even in real time?

    I shy away from most conspiracy theories because they simply have no evidence to back them up, but this one does bear further investigation, but how to do it without insulting the person you are investigating is a difficult one – even my post here could be construed as insulting if you were thin-skinned (no insult intended of course).

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