WHO rates India with the highest TB affected patients around the globe

WHO rates India with the highest TB affected patients around the globe

Tuberculosis is one of the most serious health issues facing by the Indian societies today. As indicated by the figures provided by the World Health Organization or WHO, India is moving with the tag of the world’s largest tuberculosis contagion. India with around 2-3 million TB influenced patients and is continued driving the yearly TB reports published by WHO. Tuberculosis or TB has dependably been a genuine sickness for Indian Health Department, and the country continued bearing a lopsidedly large weight of the world’s tuberculosis rates.

WHO has recently published a report on the TB rate in the country, which has raised serious concerns about its faster-growing pace.  As per the reports of the World Health Organization’s global TB report for 2016, in 2015, the rate of TB in India was reported to be 28 lakh, while it was 29 lakh in 2014, against the 22 lakh which was before evaluated for 2014. This growing rate of TB in India is truly reflecting the underlying reality of the nation.

According to the new updated calculation of WHO’s research team, in 2015, 4.78 lakh people passed away of TB (without HIV-positive people) in India, while in 2014, total 4.83 lakh died from the same disease. The 2015 global TB report had indicated that, the 2014 death figure at 2.2 lakh. WHO also has said that India tops the list of most TB affected countries around the globe, followed by Indonesia, China, Nigeria, Pakistan and South Africa, which is really staid.

Apart from this survey reports, WHO also said that most of TB cases in India didn’t reach to the official files. As said by WHO reports, the TB cases in India are vastly under-reported. While only 56% cases in 2014 and 59% in 2015 were officially enrolled all through the country, rest cases remain undisclosed, both officially and non-officially.

On this matter, The Deputy Director General of National TB Control Program, Mr. Dr. Sunil Khaparde said that the total numbers of TB cases have expanded in last few years as more cases are being registered. From 2013 to 2015, the TB cases have developed highly, and India has witnessed around 34% increment in a total number of TB cases previously found. Khaparde also addressed to The Indian Express that despite the introduction of the mandatory notification policy in 2012, many cases are still under-report and some have been reported to the private sectors.

According to the WHO reports, an estimated amount of 1.04 crore new (incident) TB cases were registered worldwide in 2015. Among that 1.04 crore new cases, around 14 lakh deaths happened due to TB, and additional 4 lakh deaths have been caused due to TB patients suffering from Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The survey also said that the prescribed treatment for TB prevented 4.9 crore deaths in global level between 2000 and 2015.

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