Rajnikanth’s Lingaa compensation to settle soon

Rajnikanth lingaa TeCake

The Thlaivar of Tollywood, Rajnikanth’s, Lingaa has suffered a huge amount of loss and the distributors have come to a point, where they even threatened to beg on streets for compensation. Although to resolve the matter, Sarathkumar will be meeting Rajinikanth on Monday and will convey the demands of the distributors.

The distributors are demanding a compensation of Rs.33 crores and won’t settle for any less than Rs. 22 crore. It is tough to say the outcome of the situation, as it all depends on the Rajnikanth-Sarathkumar meeting which will decide, whether the distributors go ahead with the begging plan or will receive the compensation they seek.

“Distributors wanting compensation for Lingaa’s failure is like poker players wanting their bets back,” Sudhir Srinivasan said.

Rajnikanth has set a trend in which he compensates the money of his distributors if the film doesn’t fare well. So, the distributors have become accustomed to this phenomenon and always wish to seek compensation if failure occurs. Whereas, the film failing or succeeding can’t be determined and it’s a risky bet and if you lose, you lose, you have no right to go and ask for compensation.

Speaking of compensation, as far as that is concerned, Rajnikanth’s fans should be the one getting the compensation, if anyone as much as deserve it. The reason behind this is that they love their Thlaivar and go against their parents will and watch his movies, they even have formed fan clubs that buy tickets in bulk and sell them. If these tickets are not sold then the loss is on them and during Lingaa’s time, the tickets didn’t sell and hence these clubs suffered huge losses.

Let’s see what happens on Monday, will the distributors get a check out of Rajnikanth or will they be disappointed and be forced to beg on streets.

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