Rajnath Singh calls for anti conversion measures

Supporting the requirement of ‘anti-conversion’ steps in the nation, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said, ‘religious conversions are needless.’ He assured the Centre’s strong stance to ensure a sense of security for religious minorities.

Amidst the heated debates and political grilling over the ‘ghar vapsi’ campaigns being organized in the entire nation, the Sangh Parivar has fiercely outraged against it where BJP was pressed it again and again.

While addressing the annual conference of state minorities commissions at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi, Singh tried to convey that there are a lot of misconceptions surfacing around whereas the government cannot do everything.

Attesting  crucial importance to the cooperation of society in these matters, Singh questioned the necessity of supremacy of one  over the other. Singh raised the question on requirement of ‘dharm parivartan’ wherein he stressed that working for humanity is of the supreme cause not the religious affiliation.

“Do we need to impose the supremacy of our faith over others? Can’t we decide that serving humanity is fine, but why do people have to be converted to another faith? Why are religious conversions being carried out” Singh said,

This statement seems a concealed reference pointing towards Christian missionaries who have also come under the lens for conversions in lieu of better living.

Singh attested to the fact that the patriotism of minorities cannot be disputed, however Singh has raised certain question to be debated.

1. Is the conversion necessary?

2. Can social service not be performed in India without resorting to conversion?

3. Why can’t all religions prosper without promoting conversion in India?

4. How can a country like India allow changes in its demographic profile and character?

5. On one hand, in other countries religious sects demand anti-conversion laws in other nations but its opposite in India

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