Rajinikant’s Lingaa finally settling for losses: distributors happy

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Rajinikanth starrer film Lingaa was released last December and in a shocking wave suffered immense losses. The distributors since then have been putting up demands for compensation of their losses. To the distributor’s relief the makers of the film have agreed to settle their losses.

It was directed by KS Ravi Kumar. The plot involves the story of a man standing strong against a corrupt minister who intends to mint money in the village of Solaiyur with the idea of making a new dam. Rajnikanth plays the role of Linga who is the grandson of Maharaja Lingeswaran who had originally built the dam during British Raj. This is the story of him revealing the corrupt intentions of the Minister and bringing the village and his grandfather the long forgotten justice.

Rajinikanth has personal appointed distributor Tirupur Subramaniam to resolve the matter. According to him, Subramaniam is the right man for this job as he has had some dealing with similar situation in his work. He had also helped Rajinikanth before when he faced some similar situations with his previous films, Baba and Kuselan.

Subramaniam has been directed to make sure that proper accounting measures of the total loss incurred must be undertaken and the findings be submitted to producer Venkatesh. With all the information that will be gathered and taken into consideration all the verifying numbers and other details the distributors will be compensated.

Rajinikanth is not known as the Superstar for no reason. He is a genuine man who takes in account for everything that goes around and that’s why he is looking into the matters to make sure that everything goes well for both the parties.

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