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After the loss of Congress during Delhi elections, many faces have come to light acclaiming that the loss of polls could have been the result of Rahul Gandhi being too aloof to take the opportunity at hand.

“The Congress culture has become elitist and it breeds arrogance. The party doesn’t have genuine leaders. 50 per cent seniors and 70 percent NSUI and Youth Congress people are deadwood,” Sandeep Dikshit said.

His statement has been taken as an indirect attack towards him referring to Rahul Gandhi and personifying him as the one responsible for the loss of Delhi elections. His ignorance of taking charge when AAP was at its lowest and BJP not that strong has been pinpointed as the reason for Congress’ defeat.

On the same side, PM Narendra Modi’s earlier slogan of Congress-mukt-Bharat, which was first perceived to be a metaphorical one, might come out to be true, for including Delhi, Congress has lost 6 out of its 9 states since 2014 elections.

The loss may also be seen as a result of the internal fights that is going on in Congress whereas the members of the same party are fighting with each other over positions. Their blame games have started and instead of working as a team, Congress is falling apart from inside.

If only BJP goes back on making decision errors or is unable to fulfill its promise, it is only then that Congress might have a shot at things, but even then Congress needs to steer clear of AAP, which is even a bigger threat to any party, including BJP.

Congress has suffered many crisis since its establishment and has come back even stronger every single time. But this is seen as the biggest crisis in Congress in all the time. The question is, will it be able to recover from the crisis this time? Or will Modi’s Congress-mukt-Bharat prevail and drive Congress to extinction from India?

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