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Rahul Gandhi has been accused by Jayanthi Natarajan, who was a former member of Congress for hindering in environmental issues while she was the Environment Minister.

The accusation states that while Jayanthi was still in power, she had been asked by Mr. Gandhi to delay projects, not caring about anything else. This allegation was made by Jayanthi, five days ago.

Rahul Gandhi chose not to speak of it there and then but he waited for five days to deliver the answer in the Janakpuri rally, Delhi. He said that all the accusations of Jayanthi are baseless and he never asked her for any favors. He works for the welfare of the deprived, poor and tribal people so it doesn’t even make sense that he’d do such a thing.

He accused Modi government to have set this up in order to tarnish his image. To back him up, Jairam Ramesh, who preceded Natarajan in the ministry, said her allegations against Gandhi were wrong and any such thing didn’t happen. He also went on to say that he has been working in the Environment Ministry for more than 2 years and he has never felt pressurized over anything by Mr. Gandhi.

Rahul in order to maintain his stature has also promised to give Delhi full statehood within two years of winning the Delhi polls. But what needs to be seen is that what the Congress government was doing before when they were still in power. Will they be trusted by the countrymen for the current situation of the country? After all, they were the ones who have brought the nation to this point.

Modi government spoke about the nation’s condition as being poor due the bills left by the previous government in rule, which happens to be Congress, twice in a row. The accusations may have been untrue but not baseless, looking at the cases that came forward against Congress after the power change.

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