Qualcomm could be ready to ship 5G modems for iPhones, says report

Reports suggest Intel's new 5G modem would delay; 2020 iPhones would delay too

Following a report suggesting that Intel might not able to supply 5G modems to Apple for its upcoming iPhone 2020 release, Qualcomm’s President Cristiano Amon said “We’re still in San Diego, they have our phone number” and added that “If they call, we’ll support them”.

By the end of last year, Qualcomm introduced its first-gen Snapdragon X50 5G modem and it stated that almost 30 devices have roped it Qualcomm to avail its revolutionary 5G network support. On the other hand, Apple is still figuring out its way to get a 5G modem from Intel which is currently its sole chip maker while it is undergoing with MediaTek and Samsung but that would take some time to conclude.

Intel reportedly missed several deployment deadlines for its XMM 8160 5G modem after it scrapped its first-gen XMM 8060 5G modem due to various issues with its efficiency, etc. However, a recent report claims that Intel has been missing out on its deployment timeline and it would delay the onset of iPhones 2020 with 5G support which is a big deal for Cupertino-based tech giant which is already lagging behind its Android counterpart in terms of smartphones with 5G network support.

Apple is in a fierce legal battle with Qualcomm over a number of patent infringement issues that have been ongoing since the onset of 2017. In fact, Qualcomm made it a little difficult for Apple to sell its older iPhones using some of the techs from Qualcomm in some parts of the European Union. Before the war broke out, Apple was using both Qualcomm and Intel as chipmakers for its iPhones, however, after the war actually broke out, Apple has been forced to work with Intel only.

A recent update on the matter suggested that Apple has hired more than 2,000 engineers from chipmaking firms like Qualcomm and Intel to design its own modems that it will hand out to TSMC and other manufacturing firms for its future iPhones, however, this isn’t a walk in the park and would take time to deliver and as per an estimated date, it could go as far as 2021 before Apple could actually design and manufacture its own 5G modems.

Several images and design patents have been released concerning the upcoming iPhone XI which will have a triple camera setup but no 5G as of this year. Apple’s first 5G enabled iPhone is expected to release next year in 2020 while Samsung already put its Samsung Galaxy S10 5G in the market in South Korea. Let’s wait and watch what the future holds.

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