The private hospital in Faridabad gets accused of overpriced treatment

The private hospital in Faridabad gets accused of overpriced treatment

Another case has appeared regarding medical negligence in Faridabad where a 19 years old pregnant woman died even after receiving 22 days treatment. The incident came to light when the Asian hospital billed a huge amount for the treatment.

Meanwhile, the family of the patient has filed a complaint against the hospital and demanded investigation against the hospital. The patient was 32 weeks pregnant and had a fever when her family took her to the hospital but even after the proper treatment she died, and her child also couldn’t survive.

The relatives of the patient revealed some of the information about the case. Her uncle said that when she got shifted to the ICU, the doctors told them to submit Rs 3 lakh rupees as the patient had typhoid and a perforated intestine. They submitted around Rs 10-12 lakh, but the hospital demanded Rs 18 lakh.

Whereas the hospital authorities said that they already informed patient’s relatives about her critical condition and possible bad prognosis regarding the victim and her baby’s health. They performed the surgery on the victim when they got to know that woman has perforated intestine. Unfortunately, doctors could not save her life.

While she was in ICU, doctors gave her antibiotics and tocolytics to stop the infection and premature delivery. Though her condition gets improved, soon after two days she told doctors about the pain she was feeling in the abdomen. The gynaecologists informed that she is already in premature labour. The hospital authorities accused the victim’s family for not paying the bills, putting allegations of medical treatment and creating violence.

However, this is not the first case where private hospitals are accused for being overpriced and allegation such as medical negligence. Earlier Fortis hospital was also in the news for charging whopping Rs 16 lakh rupees for the two-week treatment of the seven years old dengue patient.

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