Prisma rolls out its iOS app update, now you can twirl your 15-sec video into masterwork

Prisma App

With the rapid development of smartphones and the intensifying number of photo-crazy users, the applications for photo and video editing turned out to be a phenomenal segment in this tech-savvy epoch. The ranges of photo and video edition apps in current time are huge and kept on overwhelming the world with amazing features, breath-taking functionalities, and free access. Prisma is one of such photo enhancement and editing app that has taken the entire smartphone world by storm since its release.

At the point when Prisma assumed control over the world after its official dispatch back in June, and started overwhelming the social media sites with crazy selfies enhanced with Prisma effects, a group of people was screeching for video bolster version and considering the high demands for the Prisma video, the company finally launched Prisma app for video modification and enhancement. Prisma Photo App launched on iOS back in June this year, while the Android version punched the floor one month after the iOS release.

Prisma initially was used to be celebrated as the fine work of art to enhance the photo effects combining the sophisticated image processing features. It uses the neural network and the technology of AR to transform the ordinary look of the pictures with artistic effect. However, the app used to be available only for photos. But now, the parental company of Prisma, Prisma Labs Inc have introduced Prisma support for videos with his the users can turn their 15-second video clips with creative effects. For now, the video support version of Prisma is only available for iOS gadgets and soon is expected to go live on Android phones too.

The iOS application for Prisma Video now supports 9 effects for video modifications. The users need to pick their best effect from those 9 filtrations and apply them on the video clip they want to enhance. However, the video shouldn’t be longer than 15-sec. The company has slated 15-second as the maximum length for Prisma video, and lengthier clips will be rejected by the app and a pop-up will be flashed on your screen, showing to trim the video into 15-sec.

The entire processing of transforming videos with Prisma effects will take place locally on the iOS phones, without the demand for any data connection. It means the users don’t need to have a working internet connection to avail the effects of Prisma Video App. Apart from this essential points, also, Prisma will need the latest iOS 10 OS to be functional. The Apple users having an iPhone running on iOS 10 or more than it can avail video editing feature of Prisma, and the real time that it will take to procedure the video will depend on the capability of the hardware of your phone.

In regards to the Android phones, the users have to wait for some more time to grab the video editing feature of Prisma. As the new version is only launched for iOS gadgets, it will surely take some more time to hit Android platform.

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