Prisma officially released for Android users: Available on Google Play Store Now

Prisma officially released for Android users: Available on Google Play Store Now

Prisma, the sensational photo-editing app that used to be available on iOS has released its Android version. Released before one month only, Prisma which has gone viral for iOS users is now ready to hit the Android gadgets with its whopping features. Yes, yesterday, the app launched on Android and now can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Alexey Moiseenkov, the co-founder, and CEO of Prisma has also announced that the developers are working on developing a new video filtering feature that will allow users to edit their pictures along with the videos effortlessly.

More about the app

Prisma basically is a photo-editing app that lets users edit their images in different manners. It allows the users to switch their photos with a different artistic style to give it a new and enchanting look. The app ultimately relies on non-natural aptitude and neural networks and delivers the users the best filters for any and every picture. Only within one month, the app has become a phenomenon for its users and eventually made the regular photos of Instagram or Snapseed look dull.

In initial time, Prisma was installed on iOS platform and later it was launch on Bets Tested Android. However, now the app finally created its presence on the platform of Android, to make every Android users use the app for filtering and editing their pictures with stunning editing options.

The filters available on Prisma are named with numerous titles like Curtain, Impression, Mondrian, and Running in the storm, and much more. By employing this filtration options for the pictures, a user can easily choose the definite intensity of a filter so that the photo get a perfect and complete look. Besides the option for photo editing, Prisma also allows users to share the edited photos on different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook more easily and quickly.

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