Price alerts: Jeep Grand Wagoneer to tag with $140,000

Jeep Grand Wagoneer SUV

The segment of luxury SUVs like Bentley Bentayga, Range Rover, and G-Wagen are some matchless models. However, with peerless specs and functionalities, the price range of SUVs are soaring and luxurious SUVs like Grand Cherokee keeps its price mounting over the year.

But taking the full advantages of this growing range of Grand Cherokee, Jeep; the ultimate SUV maker is trying to introduce its own model to the market. Jeep believes that this is the right time to offer a lavishing model under its own brand and the development of MY 2019 Grand Wagoneer from Jeep is still in the pipeline.

The first sale year for Grand Wagoneer was declared to be 2011, which later postponed to 2014. Again in the same year, Jeep confirmed that Grand Wagoneer is coming to the market in 2018, accompanying lots of top-of-the-line specs and functionalities. Though there is no particular and official announcement yet made by Jeep about the specs of the upcoming Grand Wagoneer, Jeep’s numero uno Mike Manley in a statement to Auto Express gave some hints about the possible price range of the yet-to-be-launched Grand Wagoneer.

While reporting to Auto Express, Mike Manley said that the previously described sedan would be something more than the Grand Cherokee. As the concept and theme of Grand Wagoneer are moving forward, the new one will come with nicer trim and more sophisticated designs. Moreover, while asked about the price, he indicates that the price of the Grand Wagoneer will start from $140,000.

It reads – The company is planning to push the price range of the car from $130,000 to $140,000, but as we need to establish Grand Wagoneer on the own rights of the company, yet the height of the price isn’t finalized. Well, $140,000 for Sports utility vehicle isn’t a lofty amount???

It is only the time, who will say how much Grand Wagoneer will cost. Let’s just wait for the official announcement.

Source: Motor Trend

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  • I love the Jeeps I have owned. There is no way Jeep can produce a vehicle with enough quality and value starting at 140K. If they do, I will sit back and watch for them to show up as used for half as much or less in only a couple of years.

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