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Do you get unhappy or feel worried or restless post-sex? You are not only one person who faces this sort of problems. According to scholars, some of the women do experience from post coital dysphoria (PCD) or it is called as “post-sex blues.”This type of circumstances is differentiated by tearfulness, a sagacity of melancholy or misery, disquiet, disturbance, as well as violence following sexual intercourse.

For this study, 230 female participants among university students finished an online survey. Almost 46 percent of the respondent informed regarding experiencing of PCD symptoms at least once in their life span. Over five per cent faced PCD symptoms a small amount of times within the past four weeks.

There come into view that there is no relationship between PCD and closeness regarding the case of close relationships.
According to main researcher Dr Robert Schweitzer, the result builds upon our earlier research examining the association of sexual functioning in women.

The consequences of their innovative research in this area have now been established in an global transnational study on harmful post coital emotions, which emerge to have evolutionary functions and this is the opinion of Dr Schweitzer in the magazine of Sexual Medicine.

As per the report of latest Australian study available in the International Journal of Sexual Health, one-third of the women said they felt unhappy even after pleasing sex.

The scholars theorize that hormonal moves after orgasm – the similar amends that sometimes activate post-sex annoyance – could be to blame.

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