Sleep deprivation could lead to weight gain

A new study has revealed that poor sleep might result in weight gain. Researchers found that people who had poor sleep in the night ate more fat-rich food following day and consumed less carbohydrates. Scientists blame a part of the brain known as salience network for consumption of more fat.

“Although this study examined the effects of acute total sleep deprivation, similar changes may occur in response to the chronic partial sleep restriction that is so prevalent in today’s society,” said study’s senior author Hengyi Rao from the University of Pennsylvania.

For the study, researchers observed 34 sleep deprived subjects and 12 controls in a sleep lab for five days and four nights. They observed the participants round the clock and found an interlink between poor sleep and higher fat consumption next day. A brain region called salience network triggers the hunger for fat rich food. It was also discovered that healthy people consumed more calories from fat and less from carbohydrate than the less healthy people thus, becoming more prone to obesity.

Increased activity in salience network due to sleep deprivation plays a significant role in type of calorie intake following day, Rao said. He alarmed people working in shifts to get a proper sleep as they might further increase the ever increasing obese count.  According to him obesity is a root of several diseases including high blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. Our young generation today is most vulnerable to obesity with kind of diet they usually eat, Rao advised youth to at least have a proper sleep that might cut short some fat intake.

Poor sleep is also related to depression, increased blood pressure, in addition to poor work productivity. Tecake health experts advice you to get proper night sleep and  live a healthy life.

The findings were published in the journal Scientific Reports.


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