Niantec rolls out latest v0.33 version of Pokémon GO: Check out new features

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has created a real sensation in world gaming sector. With high Pokémon fever, the game not only has changed the gaming platform of Smartphones but also hiked the profit margin of its parental company Nintendo.

However, the gamers and trainers of Pokémon Go all around the world are waiting for the newest version of the game, and finally, the latest release of Pokémon Go v0.33 starts officially rolling out. Today, the game updated to a new level and starts rolling out with several new twists, add-ons, and bug fixes.

What’s new?

In the new version, the players can get XP bonus points from Poke Balls by finding any Pokémon. However, unluckily the deleted tracking feature is not included in new version. Moreover, the players and trainers will find a new dialog which is found reminding the trainers not to play while voyaging in more than a precise speed. In order to continue playing, the trainers are mandatory to confirm that they are not driving in more than the fixed speed.

In the ball part, the game is updated with the correctness of throwing a curveball. In addition to this, a previously found bug that used to prevent “Nice, Great, and Excellent” Poke Ball throws with awarding XP bonus points. Moreover, the bug that used to show the incorrect Medal icon is also fixed in the new version. Several other significant improvements including Nearby Pokémon” feature with a division of users, an addition of visual effects of Team Leaders like Blanche, Candela, and Spark, nickname changing option for trainers are also added in the new Pokemon Go version.

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