Pokemon Go is starting its rollout process in Japan: India still queued

Pokémon GO strikes on augmented reality science to give the game a new twist

Pokemon Go, the momentous reality game will be launching in its birthplace Japan, while many other countries including India are still in the queue. While worldwide people are trying their best to get this game on hand, the company seems to become pretty sluggish in launching this game in different countries.

Pokemon Go with its launch in few countries has started ruling over the global gaming sector. With exclusive features, smooth server, and real-time options, the fever of this Argument Reality game has multiplied the market share value of its owner company Nintendo, pushing it to a top position in the gaming world.

The game is currently accessible in 30 leading countries of the world, while it is going to debut in its hometown Japan, where t started its journey before 20 years. Sources have confirmed that on Wednesday, the company will be launching Pokemon Go in world’s largest gaming market, Japan.

In spite of the fact that the game is already dominating the nations like US, Canada, and Europe and Japan is just added to the list, numerous countries including India are eagerly waiting to catch Pokemon Go.

The departmental Head of Game Freak and the co-creator of Pokemon Go, Junichi Masuda recently a video clip, apologizing to the Japanese gamers for making them wait so long.
He said, “From today you can go out and find Pokemon to your heart’s content. We hope the game enables users to see the world in a new, fulfilling way. Obey the rules and have fun.”
Nintendo’s CEO John Hanke recently reported to Forbes, “We expect it to be released by the end of July.” However, finally, the game is releasing on Wednesday and expected to create a big blockbuster in its motherland like it did in other countries.

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